Abdurahman Hussein also known by the name of ​Afro is an award-winning filmmaker and producer. Known for the love of his craft and high quality work, his ability capture beautiful moving images with masterful​ ease has lead him to be considered ​as the godfather of the nascent Yemen filming movement and culture. For the past five years, he has produced high caliber​ documentary video

​content and creatively directed video campaigns ​for International organizations and corporations. ​Abdurahman introduced cutting edge ​film producing technology in Yemen​and ha​s been using​

an array of​ ​top of the line cameras and camera lenses ​to better capture nuances and details as the narrative may prescribe.

​Abdurahman​ gained international fame as a Assistant Director in the ​first Yemeni film to ever be nominated to the Academy Award for the Best Documentary Short Subject Category 2013, entitled Karamah Has No Wall​s, which was shot as a chronicle of the events of the 2011 popular uprising in Yemen against the regime. ​

Abdurahman fell in love with cinema and films early in his years, captivated by the ​magic that those moving images produced​. When his ​friends​ played outside, he get lost in the vast and magical world of film.​​

​It was not too long before Afro’s father notice his growing passion for the realm beyond the lense, and gifted him his first camera, a Sony Handy-cam, with which he produced his first film about the life in his neighborhood when he was 14. As a kid with his magical device, Afro would be hired by his relatives and neighbors to film in weddings and special occasions.

At 18, Abdurahman started making TV advertisements and short films in his home city of Taiz. He graduated from high school, then left his family and moved to the capital Sana’a in pursuit of opportunities in this field. His complete love and dedication to his work, lead him on many paths where he faced many obstacles, and yet none of them would dissuade him from his dreams. His experiences as a struggling artist would only add to his enchantment with the creative dimensions of film making. ​​In the aftermath of the 2011 Yemen’s ​popular ​uprising, Abdurahman co-founded the media collective #SupportYemen and produced and directed Yemen’s most circulated and well-acclaimed short ​films​ ​engaging with​issues of ​social justice creating a vision for a better Yemen.

​Abdurahman continues to collaborates with Yemeni youth to bring awareness and enable active change in his home country, and he always maintains: ​“The more I learn the more I want to learn.  There are many stories in Yemen that need to be told”

Abdurahman’s work includes producing short documentaries and videos for various international and local television channels, NGOs, and news agencies, including: Reuters, Oxfam, BBC, Al Jazeera, Chatham House, Saferworld and Resonate Yemen.​

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