Women’s Rights Video – The Making

Recently, #SupportYemen launched a campaign demanding women rights, and produced a video summarizing the struggle of women in Yemen in a very simple way. It took me only 2 days to complete this video in a hurry. The idea of the video lies in the simple projection of an ordinary Yemeni female whose rights are taken away. Whilst the young Yemeni female sits on the chair, she recalls the negativity, the discriminating & imprisoning words and traditional proverbs in Yemen’s male-dominated society. All this injustice, all these sounds pressure her more and more, and drive her to break the silence and fight for her rights.

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The camera used in the video is a Canon 7D DSLR, with a 24-105mm lens and “RIME LITE”  for lighting. I created a spotlight on the model to ensure that the background stays black. I concentrated on handheld Mid (MS) and close-up (SU) shots to show her facial expressions.

I chose a dark blue and saturated color-look to suggest pain, and created that color-look using a plugin called Color Finesse 3 in After effects CS5.5.

was very passionate about making this video as its message is very powerful and significant in the development of any society.

Abdurahman Hussain

Abdurahman Hussain


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