The Color of Injustice.

Only when Yemenis thought that a window of hope finally opened after over three decades of injustice, they have witnessed nothing but the manifestation of the absence of justice. The political elite in Yemen with all its sides has selfishly pushed aside any options that could be in interest of Yemenis and in establishing real social justice that could have helped avoid the catastrophic situation Yemenis are living under today. As the political elite was too busy dividing power and ignoring the tearing of the social texture as well as the escalating state of arming on the ground, the international community put all its efforts into supporting this political elite with a sense of indifference towards the clear war introductions. The inevitable result of all of that was the brutal war that broke in different areas in Yemen for months now. This war has left hundreds dead and thousands injured besides hundreds of thousands of displaced persons as well as stranded Yemenis outside Yemen in addition to the lack of basic services and resources that were already very little before the war. Most importantly, Yemenis are losing hope in the possibilities of civil peace and social justice as they are surrounded by the color of injustice that only gets darker and darker each day.